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Let us take you through a very common situation that is faced by thousands of job seekers in Australia.

One day, you come across a job posting that captured your attention. It is a great job opportunity that fits your goals. 

Excitedly, you apply for it with a resume and mind blowing cover letter, which you think will impress the hiring manager. A week go by and there is no response. Two weeks. Three. You start to get anxious. Weeks later you receive an email from that employer.
“Thank you for your application. Unfortunately, you were not successful. We thank you for your application, and wish you the best in your future endeavours.” 

You feel crushed. You had such high hopes. Then, you start to go in denial. You say to yourself, “It’s their loss. They missed a good opportunity. They wouldn't know a good thing if it hits them in the face.” After all, you have a good education, with some impressive life experience. You are any employer's dream!

After the initial pain of rejection subsides, you pick yourself up and try again. Weeks later, another rejection. You keep applying again, again, and again. Unfortunately, you receive not even one call for an interview. 

What’s wrong? Is it you? Is it the employer?

The above scenario is faced by current job seekers on a daily basis. It's a tough job market out there with many candidates competing with each other. What's your point of difference? How do you stand out? 
Why is it so challenging to secure your dream job?
Our program is specifically designed to guide you through the painful job search process, from resume and cover letter writing, to helping you improving your communication skills for interviews and networking, even to helping you improve your professional brand on LinkedIn. We will help you get your dream job.
How we can assist you...
One stop career coaching, guidance and support
You don’t need to go for different separate mentors for resumes, interviews, networking, and other skills that you’re looking for. We will guide you through your Job Search journey from start to finish.
Experienced team of industry experts who understands YOU
Our team comprises of those who have similar migrant backgrounds and have successfully made it through the Australian job market. They are experts in their respective fields, and understand how to navigate the challenges you face, because they have gone through it themselves.
Well established connections with employers and decision makers
Our team of coaches are also recruiters who have well established relationships and connections with decision makers which you can leverage to find your dream job. They will be able to link you to suitable employers if you have what it takes and fit their criterias.
Long term support
We stay in touch with our clients well beyond the normal consultancy limits. We believe in creating and developing long term connections which will benefit our clients and communities at large.
Interactive coaching
We create fun, discussion-filled sessions, with real honest feedback, and guidance for improvements. We want our clients to do well, and help them better their professional careers.
  • Guiding you step-by-step on how to write an effective Resume & Cover Letter
  • Build and maintain a strong profile on your LinkedIn
  • Secrets on how to win that Interview, including virtual interview tips. 
  • How to connect and network effectively with industry experts and employers
  • Explore education and career opportunities, jobs in demand and industry skills shortage
  • Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals and having a Plan B in place.
  • Tailoring the AUS Career Coach Program according to your requirements
“I chose to contact AUS Career Coach after many months of unsuccessful job applications throughout the year. In the next few months, they talked me through my career goals, helped me develop an effective resume and constantly made an effort to connect me with her large network of people. With their help in actively promoting me, I eventually landed my dream job! Getting through this stressful job-hunting season would not have been possible without them! I highly recommend AUS Career Coach, no matter the nature of work you are in. You will not be disappointed!”
What Our Clients Are Saying...
Chloe Tan, Accountant
"AUS Career Coach has helped me re-align my career goals and focus on getting a job which I eventually did. They showed great professionalism as career coach and demonstrated that networking does help in enhancing your career prospects."
Johan Chan, IT Project Manager
"I came across AUS Career Coach and was assisted by the exuberant Michelle. She patiently coached me on improving my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. The impact was almost immediate! I started getting phone calls from recruiters, landed some job interviews, and ultimately found the job I was looking for. They go above and beyond to make sure you have the skills and mental preparation for job hunting. I highly recommend them if you're looking for jobs in Australia!"
Charlie Harun, Digital Marketer
We understand that applying for jobs in Australia is even more difficult for migrants. 

How do we know that? It is because some members from our team came from diverse migrant backgrounds ourselves! We went through the hard challenges and discovered effective ways to leap ahead of other job applicants and stand out to potential employers.

The Australian job market is very unique. Even resumes and cover letters are very different compared to the international job market. Your resume might be impressive in Hong Kong, Malaysia, or India, but in Australia it may not stand out. Or worse, elements in your resume might even considered offensive in Australia! Also, you may have more than 10 years working experience in another country with a senior rank, but if you have not worked in an Australian company, that experience may not even be considered useful to the potential employer. (Unless, of course, the vacancy is for an international posting for that company.) Finally, being a migrant, you might not have the necessary professional network to assist you in your job search. After all, as the famous saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Special : Challenges of the migrant job seeker...
AUS Career Coach Connects Job Seekers to Prospective Employers!
AUS Career Coach has recruited long term employees for reputable companies, such as National Australia Bank, BHD Storage Solutions, iGroup Australasia Pty Ltd, to name a few. Due to our extensive network, we are at a unique place to connect both employers and job seekers together. Our clients are able to leverage on this network after the coaching sessions, resulting in more networking opportunities and possibly higher chances of job placements.
Job Seekers
If you're a job seeker, feel free to submit your resume to us. We will contact you if there is a suitable post comes up. Also, we will contact you for a chat on your developing your resume to increase your chances of getting more opportunities.
AUS Career Coach provides employers with specialised recruitment services. Our extensive database of job seeker clients is an attractive pool of qualified candidates. These candidates are already pre-screened which will lessen the duration of filling up the job vacancy, and reduce associated hiring costs. If your business or organisation is interested to connect to our pool of talents, email us here.
Group Coaching Available!
AUS Career Coach offers group coaching services for job seekers, and also organisations who are providing skill improvement services for job seekers. Group coaching introduces a refreshing alternative environment to learn skills in a group setting, with more dynamic interaction between participants and experienced facilitators. For a more in depth discussion on group coaching, email us here. 
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